Photos from Sculpture Jam 2003
Artists, sculptors from West Sonoma County work together to create large public sculptures which are displayed in public places in the Sebastopol area. All are welcome to join in. The jam is a three day event. During the year the sculptors meet monthly to plan to participate in workshops offered by the artists on subjects of interest to sculptors. Workshop topics.
Email Warren Arnold
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Public views the worm sculpture

Photos from Sculpture Jam 2003
Birds Eye View
The first meeting to discuss design and organization will we May 18th, 2005 at 4:30 in the library/conference room at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, located on Depot Street in downtown Sebastopol, Calif. Sculptors interested in participating are invited to attend the planning sessions, meet fellow artists, exchange ideas and join in the fun. If you have questions please
Warren Arnold at 707 823-1373
Email warren OR: Linda Galletta at: Sebstopol Center for the Arts.

Any artists or public who have photos from the 2003 Sculpture Jam are welcome to notify us and give us the photos for installation on the web site, so they become part of the history of the JAM. Thanks. Contact

Five groups of artists convened for Sculpture Jam 2003.

Each group choose from the same collection of matierials and in three days designed and built their sculptures which were then installed in Spooner Park on the way into Sebastopol, Ca.

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