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Sculpture Jam artists 2013 want to thank people for their hearty support of our fish sculpture project! It is a long list:

  • Sebastopol Center for the Arts
  • Ives pool management, board and swimmers (for fund raising, singing, encouraging and working)
  • Public participants in raising the fish, "flaming or "flashing" the scales
  • Ben Whitaker of Santa Rosa Junior College and his students for welding and installing the "boots" on the fish
  • Liza Prunuske, Ricardo Freitas and the City of Sebastopol.

Ives jam fish

Ives fish close up

Ives park Pool, Sebastopol

Fish head is glass enamel on copper, woven enameled panels. 7' x 4'

Ives fish sculpture Sept 3, 2013

Sketch used as inspiration for Ives FISH sculpture. It will not look precisely like this drawing.fish sketch for sculpture, Ives pool
2013 Fish - copper enameled, Ives Pool sculpture project.

fishy artists

Ives Fish so farIVES FISH AUGUST 13, 2013

Sculpture Jam will be installing a 9' Fish sculpture at Ives pool during Sculpture Jam in mid-September. Everyone is welcome to help assemble and install the sculpture. It is made of copper panels, woven and enameled, with a brass "skeleton" or frame. The sculpture will be supported by a redwood frame and be installed in the lawn area of Ives pool.

Ives enameled woven fish sample
Fish body experiment enamel on copper
Weaving fish bodyDavid weaving fish body panel fish headCopper fish face
Bending fish frameBeth Hartman bending fish body frame enamel color boardEnamel color board
Fish body panelsCopper enameled woven fish body panels Fish frame, cuttersFish frame or skeleton
colorsEnamel Colors wave pins
Fish and "wave" pins FOR SALE
proceeds for material


more information at: SculptureJam.org

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