Sculpture Jam 2000 Cristo Fence Raising

photos by: Sara Schomp
August 2000
click on an image for a larger view.

Alice.Daniel.Friends Arnold pole up fence Aro Poovey up Cristo Panel Aron Smiles Bruce Johnson.Ralph Carls
Daniel Oberti cu Fence down.back of men Fence hanging loose Fence hoist corner Hangloose fence
Jam 2000 Entrance Jan Salisbury Jerry Kermode ups fence L.Galleta, W.Arnold Loose fence David Hamilton
Montan.Rogers.Thibeax.Obe Oberti.Kermode.Hamilton Oberti.Kermode.Hamilton, p Oberti.ladder.fence Oberti.Poovey.Arnold Up Pa
Poovey.Stadig pull rope Pull up fence panel Raising Fence Ralph Carlson & pole Ralph raising fence
Rope tent fence Schomp in the fence Sculptors frnt Cristo Panel's not me Stadig.Arnold.fence part
Tented fence Up the fence
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