Meeting in a loft at the Sebastopol Center For The Arts, an enthusiastic group of Sculptors, all from sonoma County California, planned the first Sculpture jam for Sebastopol.

The people present were Warren Arnold who called the group together, Daniel Oberti, Ron Rogers, and Clark Mitchell. These four were joined soon after by Gordon Pundt, Frank Schueler, Tony Sheets, James Stadig and Zak Zakine. Linda Galetta, executive director for the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, was enlisted to organize community support which made the event such a success.

The JAM developed from Ron's idea of getting together and taking all the "junk" from the soon to end 20th century, and "jamming" to create sculptures.

The site for the jam was to be the abandoned Diamond Lumber Yard in the center of town. The Center had aquired a lease option to buy the site and everyone wanted the public to come participate and celebrate.

In 1998 the artists paid for all their own materials and 4 teams produced 4 large public pieces for Spooner Park in Sebastopol.

In 1999 six teams produced 6 pieces of sculpture and 5 of these were installed in various places throughout Sebastopol. The Center for the Arts received a grant to fund part of the Jam and nearly 90% of the materials costs were refunded to the artists. The city of Sebastopol welcomed the art and covered the costs of installing the pieces.

In 2000, the City Council invited the artists to place pieces in more places, and offered several more locations for Jam 2001.

Aquisition of the Lumber Yard is unsure at this point. The fund drive has been slow, with funds for other city improvements such as the Palm Drive Hospital and the Senior Center taking priority. Hope and enthusiasm remain, as evidenced by this, the fourth annual SCULPTURE JAM 2001; Jamming @ the Yard. Please send your donations toward the building of the Art Center to: Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, California 95472, and come join us at Sculpture Jam 2001! October 5-8 10 AM to 5 PM, Diamond Lumber Yard, downtown Sebastopol, California.

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