Sculpture Jam Peace Sculpture September 2001
Peace Sculpture
Peace Sculpture
In response to the week of the tragedy in New York and Washington D.C. where the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center,the Pentagon, and into the countryside in Pennsylvania; several sculptors and artists in Sebastopol were moved to join together to start a work of peace. We met in the Lumber Yard and began carving and placing pieces of limestone, colored glass, photos, slabs of wood and assorted objects together. We talked together and the process was good for us. We will continue the work during Sculpture Jam 2001, and we invite others to add to the piece of work.

The city of Sebastopol will install the Peace Sculpture permanently in the city plaza, across from the Lumber yard. We will be preparing and moving the sculpture Friday, January 25 (3:30 pm pallatize the piece) and Sunday, 27th (begin 7:30 am, move).

Stone Peace Goddess hammers grandmother photo

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Visit Peace Sculpture in the Sebastopol Plaza. Peace Goddess
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