Watching the Sebastopol sculptors work encouraged me to imitate their process in my writing. I interviewed each sculptor, learned about his or her particular tools and media, viewed scale models, and discussed concepts. Over the course of three days, I was able to sculpt words onto paper using my pen as a tool to produce a body of poems honoring each of the collaborative artists' projects.
Jackie Hallerberg
Redwood Sculpture

Only someone big of heart can carve
the redwood, one who dances with chainsaws,
unafraid to make the first cut, to draw
He fashions the superlative joint,
mortise to tenon
the way life cuts us open
then fills us with something strong.
Bruce Johnson work in progress (photo)

Spirit Sculptures

A forest of soaring spirits
planted here, new growth
reaching out beyond our town
and upward begging us-
look to higher ground.
Spirit Ascending, Flame,
No Rain, No Rainbows,
The Lighthouse,
see how they grow.
With water and feed,
we take their lead,
reaching, reaching,
Spirit Poles (photos)


To hang chimes
from limestones, add
whimsy, hanky-panky,
snakes and fish heads, eyes
and spheres. Through these
windows come bird song,
wild seeds, a word or two
passing like days, the
winds of now,
solidly held in
the ancient shapes.
Hanky-Panky by M.C. Carolyn (photo)

Jackie Hallerberg
Jackie Hallerberg is a poet, mother, and business partner living in Sebastopol, California. For the past few years, she has facilitated writing of poetry in elementary school classrooms. In the fall of 2001, she will receive her credential as a California Poet in the Schools. Some of her local Sonaoma County performances, featuring her own work as well as others, include "The Subject Tonight Is Love," :Death makes Angels of Us All,: and Serpenstance. She is in the process of completing a chapbook of poems written from 1990 on.

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