2015 7' concrete and tile coyote built by one team of 5 people. Come on and join us in 2016, participate in planning a sculpture of your own, or work with another team.


2014 Jam, the 17th jam is being held at the new Sebastopol Center for the Arts Building located on High St -- in the parking area between Ives Park and the Vets building. Three scultures are being built and materials will be available for YOU to make your own or you may observe the sculptors completing their work. 10 - 3 Sat & Sun Sept 20 and 21, 2014

Jam 2013 built a giant fish sculpture for Ives Pool in Sebastopol. Enameled on copper, this fish will celebrate water and those that love it!
Early September installation, with fabrication and experimentation weekly throughout the summer.


Ernesto Sanchez mask.

>April 15, 2011 9:45 Jam to Point Reyes Station to visit Ernie Sanchez studio. Lunch afterwards in beautiful Point Reyes. Arranged by James Stadig.

Visit Ernesto Sanchez web site

>Jam field trip to Oakland Glass sculpture studio.
March 17.
See Photos of trip.

>Fish Panel Sculpture Installed on Morris Street across from Community Center. See Photos


>NYC Fence idea & more Jam 2008 photos.

>2008 Gallery of Photos

>Sculpture Jam 2007 Slide Show

>Map of Sculpture Jam Sites 2007
(pdf download, 650kb)

>Sculpture Jam
2006 Quicktime movie! GREAT, and MUSIC too!
you need fast processor and internet connection.Keep clicking to get through the movie.

>Link to Jam Photo
Album from Sat. Oct. 1 2005

>Link to Jam Final
2005 Photo Album


Archive 1998-2006 Sculpture Jam
Jam Poster 2008 Fish in Motion. download PDF here.
>Sculpture Jam Poster 2008

>Just for fun, try this out Kenetic Sculpture. You need fast processor and wide band.
Click on license plate for information about aquiring a plate.
Visit California Arts Council Site to find out about Art Lover plates. Support the Arts in California!

California Arts Council Art Plate. Wayne Thiebaud designer



metal fish

SCULPTURE JAM 2015• Center for the Arts
October (set up) Friday, Sept 19, 10 AM •
Open to the Public 10-3 PM Closing Ceremony 3 pm Sunday.
Sebastopol Center for the Arts 282 High Street.

Participate •

COME! October 3 & 4, 2015 SCA 282 So High Street. Sebastopol In new Scheuler Art Patio.

2015--One team: Gordon Carter, Beth Hartmann, David Furger, Sara Schomp, Jeffrey  Zankel

Iron working
Learning to work Iron. Torch enameling, welding. 2015 concrete and ceramic tiling.

Participate • Participate!

Send us an email, or call.

707 829-4797

There is work for everybody. Come learn, teach, observe, participate. Teachers of all age groups are encouraged to bring students. Please call the Sebastopol Center for the Arts to schedule a time. You may observe or even join a team! 707 829-4797.

Sculptors meet all year long, once a month, to plan for the jam, install the sculptures and participate in monthly workshops. Please view our calendar of past events for examples.

Join the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 So. High St. Sebastopol, California 95472, and come participate with us at the Sixteenth annual Sculpture Jam 2014! 
The Art Center is located in the Veterans Building near Ives Park.

The Jam will be held at SCA on High Street, Sebastopol.