July 15 Meeting .

July 15th 4:30 SCA upstairs painting and drawing room. We will be finalizing our projects. For more info on June meeting and notes about the project CLICK FOR MORE>>

Ernesto Sanchez mask.
June Meeting
June 17, Wednesday
Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 4:30 pm. upstairs painting/drawing studio. Bring your ideas and maquettes of spirit houses, totems, altars, and spiral paths, to the universe and solar system, including earth. As Beth says: "Our theme is honoring the elements, and the sun and the moon. The sun and the moon have been claimed as themes, so you can go for earth, wind, fire, water, planets, or something close."

May Meeting
May 20 3rd Wednesday of May
Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 4:00 pm final decision about theme for 2009 Jam to be decided. Bring drawings and ideas. Will it be spirit houses or altars?

>April 15, 9:45 Jam to Point Reyes Station to visit Ernie Sanchez studio. Lunch afterwards in beautiful Point Reyes. Arranged by James Stadig.

Visit Ernesto Sanchez web site

>Jam field trip to Oakland Glass sculpture studio.
March 17.
See Photos of trip.

>Fish Panel Sculpture Installed on Morris Street across from Community Center. See Photos


>NYC Fence idea & more Jam 2008 photos.

>2008 Gallery of Photos

>Sculpture Jam 2007 Slide Show

>Map of Sculpture Jam Sites 2007
(pdf download, 650kb)

>Sculpture Jam
2006 Quicktime movie! GREAT, and MUSIC too!
you need fast processor and internet connection.Keep clicking to get through the movie.

>Link to Jam Photo
Album from Sat. Oct. 1 2005

>Link to Jam Final
2005 Photo Album


Archive 1998-2006 Sculpture Jam
Jam Poster 2008 Fish in Motion. download PDF here.
>Sculpture Jam Poster 2008

>Just for fun, try this out Kenetic Sculpture. You need fast processor and wide band.
Click on license plate for information about aquiring a plate.
Visit California Arts Council Site to find out about Art Lover plates. Support the Arts in California!

California Arts Council Art Plate. Wayne Thiebaud designer



metal fish

Elevation drawing of Sculpture Jam installation, Libby Park, Nov. 2009

Elevation above. Layout, below.
Sculpture Jam installation, plan.