Sculpture Jam 2000 Prep in workshops

photos by Sara Schomp
October 2000
Alice.entrance.painter james.mask Jewelclassprep Jewelinmiddleprep lunchprep
M.C.making.maquett making.warren.mask maquette.meeting mc.carolyn.makemask #2 RhondaStoneforest.heart.maq
sculpjam.piece sculpjammaqjewelrypiece Spiral.maquette.forest.back Stoneforest.maqette M.C
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•Set up Lumber Yard, Cristo Fence panels
•Two Pieces: Redwood sculpture by Bruce Johnson , chain saw work AND Large copper cylinder with jewel pieces, casting, forging, metal working by team.
•Three Pieces Junk Woman by Carlson, Hamilton, Montan, Rogers AND Forest Sculptures Group (wood turning, plastics, stone. [Arnold, Carolyn, Kermode, Poovey, Stadig) AND Public Wood Sculpture
•Dancer celebrates with interpretive dances for Forest Sculptures: Spiral Sculpture: Jewelry Metal work Fountain Sculpture
•Dances for Junk Woman: Redwood Tree: Globe.

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