Sculpture Jam 2000 In Progress II

photos by Sara Schomp
October 2000
Doll.head.basketswatchers Globe.falls Globe.Johnson.Oberti.crashw Globe.sculp.Oberti.Johnson. GlobeSandpile
Hands on turning Iron.globe J.Kermode& visitors turning Junk.woman.workers Public.wood.glue.sculpt
Renee.leads.wood.sculpt spiral.workers wood.sculpture2 wood.turning.demo.
young.people.turning Young.wood.sculptor
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Set up Lumber Yard, Cristo Fence panels
Maquette making, shop work, meetings
Two Pieces: Redwood sculpture by Bruce Johnson , chain saw work AND Large copper cylinder with jewel pieces, casting, forging, metal working by team.
Dancer celebrateswith interpretive dances for Forest Sculptures: Spiral Sculpture: Jewelry Metal work Fountain Sculpture
Dances for Junk Woman: Redwood Tree: Globe.
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