Sculpture Jam 2006 Sebastopol, CA.

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Sculpture Jam 2007 Slide Show (click this link!)
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Sculpture Jam 2006 Quicktime movie! GREAT, and MUSIC too! you need fast processor and internet connection.  Keep clicking to get through the movie.
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JAM POSTER 2008 FISH IN MOTION. download PDF here.
Sculpture Jam Poster 2008
Just for fun, try this out Kenetic Sculpture. You need fast processor and wide band.

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  Blue Fish  
Celebration dinner. THANKS Warren & Maile!
Fish in Motion - 2008
Sebastopol Plaza 10 am-3pm
October 3 - 5. 2008

Chased fish  
Jam Participants FISHING around.
Sculpture Jam group "fishing"
Aaron Poovey Branka Harris
Dave Furgur MC Carolyn Monte
Susandra Spicer James Stadig Susan Harvest
Sara Schomp blue fish
Warren Arnold, Aaron Poovey, David Furgur, Branka Harris, Susandra Spicer, James Stadig, Monte Tate, Sara Schomp, MC Carolyn, Susan Harvest. The far. Will you be there?
California Arts Council Art Plate. Wayne Thiebaud designer Click on license plate for information about aquiring a plate.
Visit California Arts Council Site to find out about Art Lover plates. Support the Arts in California!
metal sculpted fish fish2 white fish
pebbled fish
blue fish
giant tilt fish
Fish in motion sculpture 6'X 25'


Girl with fish sculpture.
Blue fish Flashy fish  
fish1 Blue fish    
Sculpture Jam Day 3 and final for 2007
David Furger works with Monte James Stadig
Holes,Squares & bellies Waves piece
  Vist Sculpture Jam Slide 2007 Slide Show

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